9 Jul 2013

Home is where the heart is....

Its been quite a few moons since my last post, but oh my life has changed .... and in a relatively short space of time!

I've been house hunting though I prefer the term home hunting. Essentially that's what it is unless you're looking for a Buy to Let property.

Home hunting resonates with the enormity of the search for me. My home is important to me - its my
sanctuary, my place to escape ... to, not from, my place to rejuvenate, energise, dream, and plan world domination. I scan everything about it as I view a potential option ... where it is, the view from the windows, the way I feel when I'm inside, proximity to the road (or rather not), peace and quiet, trees, neighbourhood, vibe, bathroom window (not a fan of a windowless bathroom), state of repair, etc. I conduct this review on a conscious as well as a subconscious level. If all the essential items tick off the list, then I allow my gut feeling about it to speak up. And... lo and behold, after 12 months of looking, I found a place that spoke to me. I made an offer minutes after I saw it, and had the offer accepted within 4 hours.

Fast forward 7 weeks, and its signed, sealed and delivered after many a phone call, email, gentle but persistent harassment of the parties concerned. The keys are in my hand and I can go in, lie on the carpet in the sitting room, drink bubbly and make star shapes....! Which is just what I did. Its mine!!!

I move in tomorrow to my very own little place in the UK!

But that's not all....I've also gone and landed myself the most amazing new job with a phenomenal company and I start with them on the 1st of August.

I am sooooo rocking it right now!!